Energy Performance Certificates

Recent changes in the law dictate that anyone now looking to market a property for sale need to present the buying public with an Energy Performance Certificate rather than a Home Information Pack or HIP.

The idea of an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC is to give buyers an idea of the energy efficiency of property and emissions likely to be emitted. This is now a much simpler requirement than was previously the case with HIPs. Whilst for many the added cost can seem unnecessary, the increased focus on the energy efficiency of our domestic homes must be applauded.

We are required to be able to illustrate that an EPC has been commissioned prior to offering a property to the market. The EPC itself must be available for public consumption within 28 days of the marketing commencing.

It is important to realise that the EPC or any element of it is not a pass or fail exercise. Whilst they do provide information on the property for any would be buyer, we must all remember that if homes were bought on the basis of facts and figures, nobody would every buy a Grade II Listed Georgian Farmhouse - And we all know that many people would love too!

We offer Energy Performance Certificates directly from local suppliers and are happy to offer further explanations and information if required.